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About Clara

In 1995 Clara Hinton became a published author. Silent Grief is a book that has touched the hearts of many, and has helped thousands of hurting people cope with the grief of child loss. Clara also founded the website which is used daily by people around the world for grief support associated with child loss.

Shortly after having books published, Clara began speaking and conducting workshops. She is now expanding her speaking to include teaching people how to stay focused on their goals, how to unleash the power of resiliency found within everyone, how to use obstacles as stepping stones to success, and how to use proven methods to experience grief relief.

A topic that has recently become close to Clara’s heart is that of "Protecting Children from Sexual Predators." Clara, along with her son Jimmy Hinton, is now conducting workshops for churches, schools, daycares, concerned parents, and anyone in the field of caring for children who wishes to take a proactive stand on prevention of sexual predators among children.

Clara speaks from the heart, and is a living example of a person who knows how to meet adversity and grief head-on and find true happiness. Clara speaks with passion and humor and can captivate anyone’s attention because of her love of life and her love of people of all ages.

More about Clara:
- Author of 4 books including Silent Grief
- Founder of website –
- Author of weekly "Hope for the Day"
- Certified Bereavement Facilitator
- Keynote speaker for college groups, women’s retreats, business professionals, churches, and parent groups
- Certificate of Achievement for "Child Abuse Prevention Workshop" training, Council for Education of Health Professionals, Inc.
-Trained in "Preparing for the Psychological Impact of Public Health Emergencies and Other Traumatic Events"

What makes Clara appeal to everyone? She is real! This mom of eleven has faced many adversities in life including child loss, financial loss, and most recently finding out through a series of painful events that she was married for almost forty years to a practicing pedophile. While Clara has been touched by deep pain, she has maintained a faith in God, a joy and zest for living, and a desire to serve others.

Clara Hinton, author and speaker, has managed to find her happy place in life, and she wants that for you, too! Contact Clara at to be your next event speaker!

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