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Silent Grief

Review of “Silent Grief”

“Child loss is different from any other type of loss. When a child dies, there is a finality…I really cannot think of anything that invades a heart and robs a person of joy as much as the loss of a child.”
Clara Hinton

Clara Hinton has known and has felt the pain of child loss and in “Silent Grief,” she offers grieving parents a voice of experience through the journey of child loss, a voice of guidance through the journey of grieving and a voice of hope through the journey of healing. A survivor of several miscarriages and a devastating stillbirth, Hinton recounts the grief, the heartbreak and the loneliness she experienced first-hand in a refreshingly honest, eloquent and prolific voice. She includes vignettes from grieving parents who have faced all kinds of child loss – pregnancy loss, infant loss, child loss, a missing child – and successfully conveys the message that the loss of a child is like no other loss and that one need not feel alone in time of loss.

“Silent Grief” is first and foremost a source of comfort and consolation to grieving parents and I strongly urge doctors and grief counselors everywhere to embrace this masterpiece as THE guide for grieving parents. “Silent Grief” is a valuable resource for the family members and friends of grieving parents to better understand the deep pain of child loss. Having survived three pregnancy losses, I wish that I would have known from Clara Hinton and her wisdom.

Clara Hinton expressed, “As I was writing this book, I knew that it would not be easy to talk with many parents who have suffered with child loss. I also knew that I would be opening up some wounds of my own that had not closed. But more than anything, I knew that I wanted to help and it has been my prayer that this book will be a way of allowing me to tenderly touch many parents struggling with all of the sadness, the loneliness, the questions, the longings, for their child.’ Hinton’s prayers are indeed answered with the publication of “Silent Grief” as she has most definitely touched the lives of struggling parents, including myself.

Hannah Stone
Author of “Forever Our Angels” and “Remembering Our Angels: Personal Stories of Healing from a Pregnancy Loss”

Silent Grief

Silent Grief by Clara Hinton

When the subject of miscarriage, or child loss of any type comes up; why do people just try and avoid talking about what happened? Doctors, friends, and even family that are supposed to be there through everything to support you can even seem to turn you away, only saying two words that break your heart, "I'm Sorry." When you need comfort and consoling more now than ever, it seems like you're left all alone to grieve by yourself.

Just looking to find a way to help mothers, fathers, or anyone who has suffered from child loss; Clara Hinton writes about her own experiences. Going from the pain of miscarriages to still birth and beyond, Ms. Hilton explains how to turn to God as he will always be there to comfort you when no one else seems to care.

I needed tissues while reading this book. I have also had a miscarriage and it tore me apart. I constantly blamed myself for not being able to carry the child and felt that I had let my husband down. It is just a part of the grieving period and now that I have read Silent Grief, I feel a little more at peace knowing that there have been people in the same situation. Blaming yourself and silently cursing God for the death of your child is natural actually, but if you continue to have faith in Him then your life will turn out as it should be.

Anyone man or woman, should read this book if you've suffered through child loss of any kind. It is written with hands of experience and love that can help you through one of the toughest times in your life. I honestly wish I had this book through my "dark time" as I call it because it would have helped me so much.
This book will remain on my keeper shelf and I will gladly recommend it to anyone that could use a friend in their time of need. Ms. Hinton gets 5 hearts and huge hugs from me!

Book Reviews by Crystal
Crystal Adkins

Silent Grief

Book Review of Silent Grief – authored by Clara Hinton

Review written by – Dru Fentem, grieving parent, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Where does one turn, following the loss of their child? It is an unthinkable pain, one that absolutely takes your breath away. Finally, a resource is available to help the parents navigate the abyss. Mrs. Hinton has examined her own feelings following miscarriages and a stillbirth, interviewed grieving parents, and shares her insights and survival skills with us.

There is no timeline for grief; this book is equally appropriate for the newly bereaved, or those who have become more familiar with the unique pain of child loss. Hospitals, doctor’s offices and funeral homes should be freely distributing Silent Grief. After a loss, there is always a sense that “no one understands.” Silent Grief breaks through that barrier, showing parents over and over again, that they are not alone.

What a relief to learn that others have walked my road, even more of a relief to realize that not only have they survived, but gone on to live productive lives. What a blessing to be given “permission” to feel angry, sad, guilty, or numb, instead of being told to “move past this.” Clara Hinton’s book allows, no, encourages the grieving parent to accept their feelings, whatever they might be, with the knowledge that when ready, parents can see beyond tomorrow. More than that, tomorrow will be good!

When I first read Silent Grief, five years after my teenage son died, I felt relief and reassurance that I was not a freak. Grief can have physical symptoms. I was not a hypochondriac. My feelings were real, they were valid, and they were survivable. I will be eternally grateful Mrs. Hinton took time to write this book; she gave me my life and my family back. This book should be recommended reading for anyone who has experienced child loss, or anyone who serves grieving families.

Dru Fentem, grieving parent
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Silent Grief

"Silent Grief"
Book Review by Sarah Bittner
In this book, Clara Hinton has made the reader understand why people react to others who have suffered a great loss. Ms. Hinton addresses feelings and reactions of everyone you would come in contact with during and after a miscarriage/loss; including doctors, nurses, family, friends, or strangers etc. She also does a great job addressing how the small phrase “I’m sorry” can make a person very angry or can be comforting to another. This is explained to the reader on how to make this phrase to be encouraging, comforting. It was very heroic of Ms. Hinton to discuss her personal life experiences in which she has had to overcome so much loss. Through her own tragedies and other families she has met throughout the years, she has been able to share with the reader what to expect and how to deal with grief.

I had a miscarriage after only knowing about 10 days that I was pregnant. At first I felt that since I wasn’t pregnant that long, I shouldn’t be so upset. The pain I had been feeling was unimaginable. I remember the day that I found out, my mother came to my house to comfort me. However, after that day, my miscarriage was never talked about again. It seemed as if family/friends were not only uncomfortable around me, but really did not know what to say to me.

One of the last chapters in this book talks about “living”, moving on. I have two wonderful twins now and have moved on; although, a part of me will always wonder “what if” I never had a miscarriage. Reading this book has helped me better understand myself, my feelings and reactions of the grief I had. I will always keep this book in hopes that it will help another through their difficult time of grief. Thank you Clara for reaching out!

Sarah Bittner, mother of miscarriage


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