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Tender Thoughts for Couples

Book review by Tamara Herbert on Clara Hinton’s “Tender Thoughts for Couples”

In this day and age, when texting has replaced phone calls from your spouse and e-mails have replaced hand written love letters, a book like Clara Hinton’s “Tender Thoughts for Couples” is a precious treasure. This little book is a sweet and romantic book filled with kind and fun ways to cherish ones marriage from moment to moment, day after day.

From the moment I opened this beautiful book I was unable to put it down! Page after page I was delicately reminded of all the thoughtful romantic gestures that keep marriages as enjoyable as they should be.

Clara Hinton knows exactly how magical marriage is, and she shares this knowledge with us in this lovingly prepared, quick and easy read. I enjoyed every word and could not help but become more aware of my actions towards my husband as I was reading this lovely book. I noticed a change in my behaviour towards my husband immediately and so did he! Sometimes simple acts like taking out the garbage without being asked to, or preparing his favourite meal just because you can, will easily soothe ruffled feathers or turn a pout into a smile.

Hinton seems to have an endless flow of simple love-inducing ideas such as these. As a wife and mother to eleven children it is easy to understand how Hinton became an expert on the subject of love, family and marriage! Hinton understands how easy it is to get caught up in our fast paced lives and careers. Sadly, marriages all over the world are suffering and struggling as couples lose track of each other while they trudge through their respective daily responsibilities. This is precisely why Clara Hinton’s Tender thoughts for couples is a “must read” book for any couple who are serious about being in a happy and loving marriage. Whether you have been married for thirty years or your journey as a married couple has just begun together, any and all couples will benefit from the wisdom that Hinton shares with us in this jewel of a book.

I recommend you go out and get your copy today! While you’re doing that, why not pick up a few extra copies for the couples that you care about in your life, they will be deeply thankful!

Tamara Herbert (wife, mother, book reviewer)


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