Clara Hinton
Grief Speaker, Author, and Workshop Leader


For the past eleven years Clara has been speaking to the Thanatos classes of Allegany College of Maryland. She is always an inspiration and captures the respect and attention of the students. She speaks from the heart and has become so popular with the students that she has been invited to speak to numerous community organizations and private institutions in the Cumberland area.

-Roger Tuning, Professor

Clara brings a whole new light to the grieving process. She is a tremendous speaker!

-Misty Deaner, Nurse

Clara Hinton is a wonderful, in control speaker. She connects with the audience on a very personal level.

-A. Henry, Student

Please know that each time I feel like a situation with a student is hopeless, or I am tempted to speculate about where they will end up in life based on where they are now, I will remember you and your presentation.

-Julie Evans, School Counselor

Hearing Clara Hinton speak on grief has opened a whole new world to me. I now understand where we get the strength to go on!

-Mary S. - Allegany College

Clara utilizes an interactive approach to understand and appreciate her audience. Her sincerity, warmth, and empathy provide a foundation of trust. Her words and insight provide enlightenment.

- M. Mattis, Guidance Counselor

One of the biggest downfalls of society.....ignorance. Finally someone who understands the unique grief of others -- Clara Hinton

- Rose Goodwin, College Student

Clara really makes you feel comfortable when talking about grief. Clara teaches us that it is okay to cry, and for that I am grateful!

-Trisha - College Student

The message presented was enlightening, informative, and inspirational! We will never forget you or your message!

-Luke J. Lansberry, Principal

I really enjoyed Clara's message. She is so inspirational! I am leaving a stronger person after hearing her message.

-Kristy Parson, College Student

Clara's passion is GREAT! I wish her talk could have been longer. She has made a huge impact on me by spending just a short time with her.

-Nicki Kimble - Nursing Student

Clara Hinton brings passion, real life experience, and clinical expertise that connects with the hearts and minds of her audience. As a social worker and college professor of Human Service, I highly recommend her! Cherie Snyder, MSS, MA Professor/Director of Human Services Allegany College of Maryland.

-Cherie Snyder, MSS, MA


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